Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to work

The UW is quite sorry for being missing in action for nearly two weeks!  She has been enjoying a lovely staycation with her family that just ended this week and managed to effectively disconnect from the internetting during that time.  But she is back.  Since her e-departure, she has received 2 more rejections (bringing the total to 3, if you are scoring at home).  So between vacation brain and some self pity wallowing, she is bit uninspired today.  But fortunately that is not the case for other people!  Today the UW will phone it in with some of the excellent entries she has read of other people's blogs.  She loves ALL the blogs she lists to the right, but here are some really top notch entries that have stuck with her.  I know some of the more clever bloggers do such things as blog awards, but the UW isn't quite that cool (she still rocks out to C+C Music Factory when no one is around).  So instead this is a general shout out to other people's recent writing she is thoroughly enjoying and that she thinks you might too.

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Atoll Annie and the Non-Specific Rim

Lit Endeavors

Things Jill Likes

Lesser Apricots

Leah Kaminsky

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